Friday, 25 July 2014

Organic Sooty Lashes

L to R: Essential Care Mascara, Lavera Natural Volume Mascara, Dr Hauschka Mascara.

My sister has scoffed at the idea that I am able to write a detailed post on organic mascara. Until quite recently, I was one of those rare tomboys that are not only able to walk out of the house without sooty lashes, but would also comfortable to do so for work; or going out in the evening. I naturally have very long, thick dark eyelashes. Feel free to feel jealous, but before you do so; consider that I also have long thick dark hair everywhere else, much like a tarantula.

I felt that mascara made my eyes too heavy and seductive, Sicilian temptress or Parisian bohemian - that smudgy, waking home in the dawn light without having slept look, which was not what I wanted when popping out for a pint of milk and some almond butter. I would also invariably rub my eyes during the day, leaving charcoal smears across my blusher. 
Then I got older.

The appeal of a full-fat lash* became more enticing. I love the unapologetic nature of mascara. Like smoky eye shadows, its cause is not entirely rooted in nature. You could have blushed naturally, or bitten your lip to gain that red, but there is no way you could have blackened and brightened your eyes without cosmetic help. You did not wake up like this.

Mascara brings out the cynic in every woman. There’s a belief that a handful of crushed herbs could not possibly replicate their drugstore favourite. My answer to that is always:

Dr Hauschka Mascara in black. This is a proper mascara, the kind that, when you are wearing it, people ask what you have on your eyes. It also smells delicious, which is probably something to do with rose water in the ingredients. £18.50     
Then there’s the everyday choice: Lavera Natural Volume Mascara. My favourite, one that I am always happy to repurchase. It's a perfect everyday mascara that can be built up for evening. It won’t give you that fake lashes, sixties look though. Go to Dr H. for that. £11.90

The super natural choice: Essential Care Mascara in brown. I bought this on impulse from an independent shop in Oxford. It’s very gentle, and a gorgeous brown colour and the ingredients are clean – these are the first mascaras to have a Soil Association Certification. It’s also a dream to wash off – a little avocado oil or Green People Gentle Cleanse and Make up remover and it’s gone. It needs several coats for full fluttery lashes, though. £17.50

*Why don’t natural and organic products have witty names like Charlotte Tilbury or Benefit? I’m willing to be in charge of this.

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  1. Great post!

    I'm looking for a new mascara and wondered whether you have any photos from when you've tested these guys out?



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